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Phoenix AZ chiropractor certified in both Bio Cranial Therapy and Neuro Cranial Integration (NCi) Dr. Janice Jones welcomes all patients, and is especially happy to work with those who have not found relief elsewhere.  For example, the following are some conditions that respond especially well to Neuro Cranial Integration and the Bio Cranial System:

Dr. Jones’ care can also benefit athletes or anyone doing personal fitness training, especially speed training, flexibility training, and balance work.  Alternative health care such as Neuro Cranial Integration (NCi) and Bio Cranial therapy has wide applications, such as sports performance , as well as performance enhancement in the performing arts.  Singers, dancers, and musicians of all ages here in Arizona can improve their skills with this therapy.

If you're searching for a Glendale AZ chiropractor to work with because you have a challenging condition such as Brain Injury, TMJ Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Meniere's, nagging sports injury, or chronic pain, then Dr. Jones is the Glendale AZ chiropractor for you.  If you never knew that a chiropractor could help you improve your game and your sports performance by enhancing your speed training, agility, and balance - then welcome to Dr. Jones' alternative health care!  Whether it's sports performance, artistic performance or health concerns, Neuro Cranial Integration and the Bio Cranial System can be of great help.  Please read the testimonials on these pages for an idea of the difference it can make in your life.

As a Glendale AZ chiropractor, Dr. Jones does not in any way suggest that she can cure you of fibromyalgia or cerebral palsy or any other condition such as stress and anxiety.  Whatever condition you have, including chronic pain or migraine headache, it is not healed by any outside person or force. The body heals itself.  But Dr. Jones uses the alternative health care of Neuro Cranial Integration and the Bio Cranial System to help the body heal.  This happens by helping improve physiologic functioning.  In other words, helping all the systems in the body work better.  When the body functions better, wellness grows and there is less or no room for illness.  Sports performance (speed training, agility, balance, breathing) is enhanced, as are the performing arts.

Dr. Janice Jones is not an ordinary Glendale AZ chiropractor.  After seeing great results with usual chiropractic care she was still looking for a way to work with patients who had very challenging conditions.  Fibromyalgia continues to baffle many doctors and is a growing problem.  Brain injury can restrict many individuals from leading a fuller life.  Migraine headaches and chronic pain continue to plague large numbers of people; and anxiety disorders seems to be on the rise among children as well as adults.  A sports injury can linger unresolved for many years, limiting the athlete's strength and dampening his or her enthusiasm.  Having found the Bio Cranial System and then Neuro Cranial Integration, Dr. Jones now has the chance to help more people really enjoy their lives.

Please call today to make an appointment to begin your healing adventure - whether you seek to improve your sports performance, artistic performance, or daily performance of ordinary activities and whether you are seeking relief from TMJ pain or enhancement of personal fitness training, Dr. Jones is the Glendale AZ  chiropractor to contact.  To find a Glendale AZ chiropractor who is particularly interested in difficult cases like brain injury, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, cerebral palsy, and TMJ disorder is unusual.  To find a Glendale AZ chiropractor who cares as much about balance and improved lung capacity as she does about sports injury is a rare alternative health care practitioner indeed.

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